Spring 2017 Schedule

Updated January 19, 2017

Inauguration Day Watch Party (Donuts with Donald)
» Friday, January 20th
» 11:30 AM, J.C. Atrium
» We’ll be live streaming the inauguration on the big screen in the atrium, and we’re going to have many, many dozens of donuts!
How Liberal Policies Hurt the Poor
» Thursday, February 16th
» Time TBA, Gentile Gallery
» Star Parker has an incredible life story – raised in poverty, she lived on welfare and accepted the leftist lie that there was nothing for her but government dependency. Now she’s a syndicated columnist and TV commentator who exposes how liberal, big government policies do immense harm to the poor. We’re excited to have her on campus!
Trip to CPAC in Washington, DC
» Wednesday, February 22nd – Saturday, February 25th
» National Harbor, MD (right outside DC)
» The Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) is the biggest conservative conference in the country. It’s an opportunity to hear from all the big names in the conservative movement, meet fellow conservatives from across the country, and meet potential employers if you’re interested in a career in politics. We’ll be taking 15 people, and we’re working on getting the cost as low as possible – it will be in the range of $50-$100/person and covers the hotel and transportation to and from DC. We’ll be opening sign-ups soon, so stay tuned!
State of the Union Watch Party
» Tuesday, February 28th
» 9:00 PM, Gentile Gallery
» Who would want to miss Donald Trump’s first address to Congress? It hasn’t been scheduled yet, but when it happens, we’ll have copious amounts of pizza, desserts, and small amounts of vegetables for those who want to pretend to be healthy.
Defending Life & Marriage to Liberals, Libertarians, and Atheists
» Thursday, February 2nd Thursday, March 30th (Rescheduled)
» 9:00 PM, Gentile Gallery
» We need to be able to make reason-based arguments for the right to life, natural marriage, and religious liberty. David Azerrad, PhD, of the Heritage Foundation is coming to give an engaging presentation on making secular arguments on the social issues. He is a very dynamic speaker and this will be a very interesting event!
Movie Screening: Nine Days That Changed the World
» Thursday, April 27th
» Time and location TBA
» Three world leaders engineered the defeat of Russian communism: Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher, and John Paul II. This documentary shows how JPII’s nine-day visit to communist Poland in 1979 ignited a spiritual revolution that led to the downfall of communism in Poland and Eastern Europe.