The goal of the Steubenville Stimulus Project is to encourage Franciscan University students to shop, eat, and buy at the many locally-owned businesses in the area. So why should you care?

Good economics. Franciscan students spend $10 million per year in Steubenville and the surrounding area. But in our experience, most of that money seems to go to chain stores like Kroger, Walmart, McDonalds, and Dominos, or gets spent in Robinson or Pittsburgh. Profits at those places usually go to a corporate headquarters halfway across the country, towards building a location somewhere else, or to a bank in New York. But when we shop at local small businesses, that money gets reinvested in the local economy. Profits at local businesses go towards creating new jobs, helping families pay the bills and send their kids to school, and revitalizing and restoring the city’s buildings. If we shift just a fraction of our spending from chains to local businesses, we could inject millions of dollars into the local economy, like a lightning bolt into Steubenville.

Good community. Steubenville is not a traditional college town. Unlike big public universities where it’s hard to tell where campus stops and the town begins, we’re literally on top of a hill at the very edge of town. This means our only real opportunities to interact with the people of Steubenville (and the surrounding area) are at local businesses. But if we go to impersonal corporate stores, or off to Pittsburgh, we are wasting those opportunities. This creates a distance – even a mutual suspicion – between us and the town we live in. There are so many good people here. And this is an opportunity to share the love of Jesus without any of the pressure – you don’t need to be prepared to pour your heart out to someone at a local restaurant, just be polite and loving, and that could be all it takes to evangelize someone.

Good stuff. If neither of the above points persuade you, how about this: The locally owned businesses are often simply better and cheaper. Chain restaurants often serve lower quality food at higher prices to create larger profit margins for corporate headquarters. But locally-owned restaurants are often using family recipes with fresh homemade ingredients at a lower price because they don’t have shareholders to worry about. And when it comes to the locally-owned retail stores, you’re getting the same stuff but with great personalized service that you usually don’t find elsewhere.

We’re not trying to malign the chain stores – they have good people working there and they are an important pillar of the local community and economy. But they also have the marketing muscle of a big corporation behind them. Everyone knows there’s a Kroger in town, but did you know about Riesbeck’s? Everyone knows there’s a Domino’s, but did you know about Malta’s or DiCarlo’s? Everyone knows there’s a Dunkin Donuts in Weirton, but did you know about Downtown Bakery or Leonardo’s? We just want to raise awareness of the alternatives. We’re also not trying to sound like Bernie Sanders, railing against big companies. We believe in using free market principles, where we choose where to spend our money and we choose to spend it at places where our dollars most directly help the local community.

If none of this convinces you, I’ll share a story. Recently, during my last semester, I went to Capri, the sandwich shop across the street from campus, for the first time. I got a meatball sandwich for $4. It was really good, and really cheap. I thought to myself, “Where has this place been for the four years I’ve been here?!” I realized that the answer was, “Literally right across the street,” and I had never bothered to try it. You can get the chain store experience literally anywhere. Don’t miss out on the unique local experiences you can only get while you’re here for a short time at Franciscan!

So next time you want a meal out, need groceries, or want a date night idea, check this list first!

Tommy Valentine, Former YAF President (2013-2017)

*Last Update: August 2019*

Table of Contents


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» Yorgo’s Gyros & Potatoes
» Theo Yianni’s Greek Restaurant

» Naples Spaghetti House
» Scaffidi’s Restaurant & Tavern
» La Cucinia Italian Grill

» Froehlich’s Classic Corner
» Peedee’s Brunch & Bar
» Drover’s Inn
» Desperado Dogs
» Breakfast Club
» Deejay’s BBQ
» Steve’s Fish & Chips
» The Ville
» The Dove Restaurant & Inn

Cafes & Sandwiches
» Leonardo’s Coffee Shop
» Capri’s Sausage & Meatball Sandwiches
» Fresh Twist

» Miss Brenda’s Cafe
» Gina’s Carry Out

» Malta’s Pizza
» Rubi’s Pizza & Grill
» Pittera Pizza
» Giannamore’s Pizza
» PeppeBroni’s Pizza
» Ray’s Pizza

» Number One Chinese Restaurant
» Sesame Grill
» Hu Nan Chinese Restaurant
» Hong Kong Chinese Restaurant
» Sumo Hibachi & Sushi
» Pho Ha Nam Vietnamese Noodle & Grill

» Chico Fiesta
» Spicy Gringo’s
» Rusty Bull Taco Co.


» Riesbeck’s Food & Pharmacy
» Federico Foods


» Downtown Bakery
» Gus’s Goodies
» Steubenville Bakery
» Emily’s Flour Garden
» Steubenville Popcorn Company
» PRIME Weirton Book Company & Ice Cream Shop
» 33° The Shakery
» Sweet Temptations Pastry Shop
» Dari-Owl


» Nelson’s Fine Art & Gifts
» Drosselmeyer’s Nutcracker Shoppe
» Bookmarx Bookstore
» M&M Hardware
» The Prodigal Daughter Treasures & Trinkets
» The Scent Shop
» Historic Fort Steuben Gift Shop
» Uniquely Designed Gifts & Floral
» Something Special by Sheila
» The Dappled Willow Home & Gift
» Borden Office Supply
» DiGregory’s Greenhouse
» Exquisite Creations by Joel
» McCauslen’s Florist


» Plaza Movie Theater
» EscapeWorks


» Legal Hair & Day Spa
» Envy Salon
» Razor’s Edge Barber Shop
» Master Seamstress Rev. Mother Rose Catherine Marshall (Franciscan Arts)
» Two Brothers Dry Cleaners
» Hertz/Thrifty Car Detailing


Greek Restaurants

Yorgo’s Gyros & Potatoes

Authentic Greek food, owned by a family from Greece.

» 127 N 4th St, Steubenville (2.6 miles)
» Average Review: ★★★★½ (4.5)
» Price: $
» Type: Fast-casual

• “Best gyros around!” – Dr. John Coleman
• “Reasonable prices, and you won’t leave hungry.” – Ron McNamara
• “Great gyros and tons of food for the money!” – Chris Ice

Theo Yianni’s Greek

Re-opened in 2017 in a brand new location – an incredibly nice & modern restaurant with fantastic food!

» 322 American Way, Weirton (7 miles)
» Average Review: ★★★★½ (4.7)
» Price: $$
» Type: Sit-down

• “Great food and larger portions. My favorite Greek food.” – Dr. Daniel Kempton
• “Try the Avgolemono soup – DELICIOUS!” – Carrie Libetti


Naples Spaghetti House

Good for a cozy dine-in meal, or try their huge (and cheap) heel sandwiches for takeout!

» 329 North St, Steubenville (2.2 miles)
» Average Review: ★★★★ (4.2)
» Price: $$
» Sit-down, carryout

• “When we were broke college kids in the 90s and wanted to go out, we went to Naples for a nice Italian dinner on a budget. It’s still a wonderful place to get a nice Italian dinner on a budget!” – Carrie Libetti
• “Makes a nice date with my wife!” – Dr. John Bergsma
• “Excellent all-around Italian. Two highlights include San Marco soup on Thursday and the meatball heel.” – Tim Delaney

Scaffidi’s Restaurant & Tavern

» 350 South Hollywood Blvd, Steubenville (1.6 miles)
» Average Review: ★★★★ (3.9)
» Type: Sit-down
» Price: $

• “Our favorite local sit-down restaurant!” – Dr. David Burton
• “I love their bruschetta salad!” – Nancy Ronevich
• “The atmosphere makes a low-pressure date or just a good hang-out spot with friends. Excellent hand-made pasta. For the best meal on the menu, try the meat-centric Shanks and Ravs.” – Dr. Logan Gage
• “Try the gnocchi with pink sauce.” – Tim Delaney

La Cucina Italian Grill

Opened in 2015, owned by a family from Italy, and a quick drive down Route 22!

» 200 Three Springs Drive, Weirton (6.1 miles)
» Average Review: ★★★★ (4.2)
» Price: $$
» Type: Sit-down

• “Great handmade pasta that makes for a great date night without going to Pittsburgh.” – Dr. Logan Gage
• “As far as I am concerned, the most authentic and delicious Italian food around is La Cucina!” – Rob Palladino
• “EXCELLENT margherita pizza!” – Alison Peleskey


Froehlich’s Classic

A Steubenville institution and great friend of the local Catholic community!

» 501 Washington St, Steubenville (1.8 miles)
» Average Review: ★★★★ (4.0)
» Price: $$
» Type: Sit-down

• “Our favorite for late-night beer & wings – often with live entertainment.” – Dr. David Burton

Peedee’s Brunch & Bar

A classic American hometown diner.

» 160 S 4th St, Steubenville (3 miles)
» Avg Review: ★★★★½ (4.5)
» Price: $
» Type: Sit-down

• “The owner is an award-winning chef. Don’t be fooled by the dive appearance!” – Dr. John Bergsma
• “The owner is a dear friend of mine. She is fun, welcoming and always excited to meet the people associated with Franciscan University!” – DeEtta Bertucci


A nice restaurant in a historic former hotel built in 1848!

» 1001 Washington Pike, Wellsburg (11 miles)
» Average Review: ★★★★½ (4.5)
» Price: $$
» Type: Sit-down

• “The best restaurant in the Ohio Valley, known for their wings!” – Tim Delaney
• “Best wings around!” – Dr. Safranski

Desperado DogsFacebook

A new food truck serving high-quality hot dogs (from $2.50) and seasonal specialty foods like caribou sausage and jalapeño lemonade!

» Location varies — check their Facebook page for the location schedule!
» Average Review: ★★★★★ (5.0)
» Price: $
» Type: Food truck

Breakfast Club

A new breakfast & lunch cafe in the Kroger shopping center.

» Location: 108 S Hollywood Blvd, Steubenville (2 miles, Kroger Shopping Center)

Deejay’s BBQ

Classic American food with a tropical theme.

» 380 Three Springs Drive, Weirton (6 miles)
» Average Review: ★★★★½ (4.3)
» Type: Sit-down, carryout
» Price: $$

• “They have the best steak salad around, and their variety of dishes is impressive!” – Dr. Daniel Kempton

In the news: Restaurant owner, upon learning his ribs are secret to Flyers’ success: ‘No more ribs for them’ (Yahoo, April 2012)

Steve’s Fish & Chips

Great option for Lent!

» 233 S 4th St, Steubenville (2.6 miles)
» Avg Review: ★★★★ (4.2)
» Price: $
» Type: Carryout

• “Everything is made fresh. Very busy on Friday’s during Lent – best to call ahead.” – Dr. David Burton
• “The fish sandwiches at Steve’s are delicious!” – Dr. Alan Schreck

The Ville –

Located in the mall with a huge menu!

» 100 Mall Drive, Steubenville (4.3 mi, in Fort Steuben Mall)
» Average Review: ★★★★ (4.1)
» Price: $$
» Type: Sit-down

The Dove Restaurant & Inn

A homey diner with cheap, good entrees, most under $10!

» 903 Ohio Route 152, Bloomingdale (13 miles)
» Average Review: ★★★★½ (4.5)
» Price: $
» Type: Sit-down

• “Good friend of mine owns and runs the place. Great food. Wonderful staff.” – Nancy Ronevich
• “Their burgers are awesome, the portions are large, and the prices are great.” – Dr. Daniel Kempton
• “Worth the drive. Great homestyle breakfasts and more-than-ample portions.” – Dr. Alan Schreck
• “It has a country feel and it’s great for breakfast.” – Ron McNamara

Cafes & Sandwiches

Leonardo’s Coffee Shop & Steubenville Popcorn Co.

A new coffee shop in a beautifully restored 19th century building, this is the newest hotspot in downtown!

» 155 N 4th St, Steubenville (1½ miles)
» Average Review: ★★★★½ (4.7)
» Price: $

Capri Sausage & Meatball Sandwiches

Cheap sandwiches that beat Subway any day!

» 1400 University Blvd, Steubenville (across from Serra Hall)
» Average Review: ★★★★½ (4.7)
» Price: $
» Type: Carryout

• “If you go to FUS and don’t try Capri, you are a lost cause!” – Tim Delaney
• “Best meatball and sausage sandwiches ANYWHERE!” – Carrie Libetti
• “If you’ve never had one of these sandwiches, walk across the street. Legendary.” – Chris Ice

Fresh Twist –

Newly opened modern restaurant focused on organic, plant-based foods and smoothies.

» 2311 Sunset Blvd, Steubenville (2 miles)
» Average Review: ★★★★★ (4.9)
» Price: $

Miss Brenda’s Cafe

Brenda worked at Franciscan at Cupertino’s Cafe in the JC, and now she has her own cafe at Trinity West Hospital!

» 4100 Johnson Road, Steubenville (3 miles)
» Average Review: ★★★★★ (5.0)
» Price: $
» Type: Carryout

Video: Miss Brenda’s Café opens at Trinity West Medical Pavilion (WTOV-9 TV, July 2017)

Gina’s Carry Out

» 4329 Sunset Blvd, Steubenville (3.9 miles)
» Average Review: ★★★★½ (4.7)
» Price: $
» Type: Carryout

• “Try the Italian beef sandwiches on Tuesdays!” – Joe Loizzo
• “Italian roast beef on Tuesday and Thursday is excellent, and the Everyday Pasta Special is a bargain.” – Tim Delaney



Malta’s Pizza

Delivers to campus! They bake their pizza first, then melts the cheese while the dough is still hot. This is definitely not cardboard pizza!

» 414 Market St, Steubenville (2.5 miles)
» Average Review: ★★★★ (4.0)
» Price: $
» Type: Delivery, carryout

• “My entire family loves it – and they’re friendly!” – Dr. David Burton
• “Great people, great pizza!” – Dr. Alan Schreck

Rubi’s Pizza & Grill

Now open! An Italian restaurant owned by a Catholic family that serves over 30 varieties of New York style pizza and Italian-style sandwiches, subs, and more!

» Location: 225 Franciscan Square (0.1 mi, across the street!)
» Average Review: ★★★★½ (4.5)
» Price: $
» Type: Fast casual

Pittera Pizza

Homemade, never-frozen food from a Sicilian family – delivery to campus!

» 2311 Sunset Blvd, Steubenville (1.8 miles)
» Average Review: ★★★★ (4.3)
» Price: $
» Type: Delivery, Dine-In, Carryout

• “The owner, Mariella, is from Sicily and has the best calzones around!” – Rob Palladino
• “Great ‘white pizza’ and other homemade Italian specialties. They just moved close to campus!” – Dr. Alan Schreck

DiCarlo’s Downtown Pizza

Originally founded by a World War II veteran and Italian immigrant, they serve pizza by the slice for 90¢, or huge trays for $14. Pickup only, cash only!

» 318 Adams St, Steubenville (2 ½ miles)
» Average Review: ★★★★ (4.2)
» Price: $
» Type: Carryout

• “Great local pizza joint – a longtime establishment.” – Chris Ice

Giannamore’s Pizza

Square pizza with incredible sauce. They bake their pizza then spread the cheese to melt.

» 407 Cadiz Road, Wintersville (5.9 miles)
» Average Review: ★★★★½ (4.4)
» Type: Takeout
» Price: $

• “I actually know someone who packs their pizza in dry ice and sends it to family in Florida. It’s THAT good!” – Carrie Libetti

PeppeBroni’s Pizza –

A brand new fast-casual style pizza place with pizzas starting at just $8.50 for a 14-inch! Also serving calzones, hoagies, and dessert pizzas!

» 3323 Pennsylvania Ave, Weirton (8 miles)
» Average Review: ★★★★ (4.2)
» Type: Fast-casual, carryout
» Price: $

Ray’s Pizza

» Average Review: ★★★★½ (4.4)
» Type: Delivery, carryout
» Price: $


Number One Chinese Restaurant

Over 100 menu options under $10!

» 2132 Sunset Blvd, Steubenville (1.5 miles)
» Avg Review: ★★★★ (4.2)
» Price: $
» Type: Delivery, takeout

• “You haven’t lived until you’ve had their Singapore Mei Fun. The best takeout in town.” – Dr. Logan Gage

Sesame Grill

Located at the bottom of the hill, they have a huge selection!

» 805 University Blvd, Steubenville (1.5 miles)
» Average Review: ★★★★ (4.0)
» Price: $
» Atmosphere: Sit-down

• “This is far better Chinese than you would expect in a small town like Steubenville.” – Dr. John Bergsma
• “It’s hard to decide what we like best: Chinese food, Sushi, Hibachi Grill, Japanese & Chinese beer – it’s all great!” – Dr. David Burton
• “Regular Chinese food plus sushi and hibachi and a great atmosphere.” – Dr. Safranski
• “This is where you go for a sit-down Chinese meal!” – Dr. Logan Gage
• “One of my favorite places to eat – even fro dinner you can get a filling meal for 2 for $15.” – Dr. Alan Schreck
• “Best Chinese in town – can eat lunch for less than $6!” – Chris Ice

Hu Nan Chinese Restaurant

» 106 N 4th St, Steubenville (2.3 miles)
» Average Review: ★★★★ (4.3)
» Price: $$
» Atmosphere: Delivery, fast casual

• “Under new ownership. It’s always been a staple for FUS students.” – Tim Delaney
• “Hu Nan’s is the place for lunch. A long-standing Steubenville institution.” – Dr. John Bergsma

Hong Kong Chinese Restaurant

» 112 S Hollywood Blvd, Steubenville (1.6 miles)
» Average Review: ★★★½ (3.6)
» Price: $
» Atmosphere: Carryout

• “Our ‘go-to’ place for fast, inexpensive Chinese food.” – Dr. David Burton
• “My favorite place for take-out Chinese food.” – Dr. Alan Schreck
• “Fast and friendly service for take-out Chinese. Reasonable prices.” – Dr. John Bergsma

Sumo Hibachi & Sushi

» 4170 Sunset Blvd, Steubenville (3.6 miles)
» Average Review: ★★★★½ (4.5)
» Price: $$

In the news: New business is cooking in Steubenville (WTOV9-TV, December 2015)

Pho Ha Nam Vietnamese Noodle & Grill

Opened 2017, you can find Vietnamese food in the Ohio Valley!

» 241 Three Springs Drive, Weirton (6.6 miles)
» Average Review: ★★★★ (4.0)
» Price: $$


Don’t scoff – there can be authentic Mexican food in the Ohio Valley!

Chico Fiesta Mexican

» 3110 Pennsylvania Ave, Weirton (7 miles)
» Average Review: ★★★★½ (4.4)
» Atmosphere: Sit-down
» Price: $$

• “Best Mexican food I’ve found locally!” – Prof. Amy Roberts
• “Their food is fantastic!” – Dr. Logan Gage

Spicy Gringo’s Mexican Restaurant – –

Serving a blend of Pittsburgh and Mexican food, all their ingredients are selected by hand from local farms!

» 206 American Way, Weirton (7 miles)
» Average Review: ★★★★ (4.0)
» Type: Sit-down, carryout
» Price: $

• “This place is unique. The owner gets all his food fresh from Pittsburgh and everything is really good!” – Dr. Alan Schreck
• “Their salsas are amazing!” – Dr. Daniel Kempton

Rusty Bull Taco Co.

Opened in 2016 in a neat building with authentic street-style tacos for $3!

» 803 Franklin St, Toronto (9 miles)
» Avg Review: ★★★★★ (4.8)
» Price: $
» Type: Fast casual

• “Flavorful tacos and nachos, and pretty cheap for a lot of food!” – Dr. Safranski

Video: New business serving up fresh tacos (WTOV-9 TV, July 2016)

Puerto Vallarta Mexican Restaurant

The only Mexican restaurant in Steubenville, with a huge menu!

» 4101 Sunset Blvd, Steubenville (4 miles)
» Average Review: ★★★★ (3.9)
» Price: $$
» Sit-down

• “Outstanding food. Mexican beer. A great family runs the place. Friendly waiters.” – Dr. David Burton
• “Authentic Mexican food, and their lunch buffet is a great price.” Dr. Daniel Kempton
• “Portions are generous and fast service.” – Dr. John Bergsma


Riesbeck’s Food & Pharmacy

Affordable full-service grocer. Riesbeck’s is an employee-owned company with 15 locations in the Ohio Valley. They’re the only chain on the list because they’re entirely local and employee-owned; employee ownership has been encouraged by the Church for decades.

» 1840 Franklin Street, Toronto (8 miles)

» Smaller location at 1512 Main Street, Follansbee (5 miles)

• “Great family grocery atmosphere.” – Dr. John Bergsma
• “Wonderful customer service!” – Prof. Amy Roberts
• “The best donuts and the best Pączki. If you have never tasted a Pączki you have not lived!” – James Hostetler

Federico Foods

An Italian market/grocery store with fresh Italian specialty meats, cheeses, and more.

» 3911 Sunset Blvd, Steubenville (3 miles)
» Average Review: ★★★★★ (4.8)

• “If you’ve ever been to Italy and had the food and feel you’re going through withdrawal, this would be the solution. They have authentic prosciutto, fresh mozzarella, authentic antipasto, olive oil, dry pasta, risotto, and even Italian beer and candy.” – Dr. David Burton
• “The only place for real Italian specialty meats and cheeses!” – Joe Loizzo
• “Wonderful deli. Good store for hard-to-obtain Italian grocery items.” – Dr. John Coleman
• “I appreciate the selection of olives and other Mediterranean condiments offered here. These small additions to a meal stir up wonderful family memories for me.” – Prof. Concetta Pilsner


Downtown Bakery

Authentic hometown bakery with fresh donuts, cookies, cakes, bread, and more. Family owned since 1958.

» 151 S 4th St, Steubenville (2 ½ miles)
» Average Review: ★★★★★ (4.7)
» Price: $
» Discount: 10% off with your student ID!

• “Fun for a Saturday morning donut trip!” – Dr. John Bergsma
• “Best bread around!” – Alison Peleskey
• “Best donuts ever!” – Shari Tice
• “MMMM! You can’t beat their pastries – always fresh.” – Dr. Alan Schreck

In the news: Family-owned, Steubenville bakery offers student discount (Troubadour, April 2014)

Gus’s Goodies

In business for over 80 years, they offer creative & fun cakes, cookies, and more! Cakes start at just $10.

» 3972 Main St, Weirton (3 miles)
» Average Review: ★★★★½ (4.4)
» Price: $

• “The cakes are Gus’s are the best I have ever had. I won’t buy cakes anywhere else!” – DeEtta Bertucci
• “Try the strawberry cream cake!” – Tim Delaney

Steubenville Bakery

Fresh bread – and only fresh bread! Open since 1937, they offer fresh Italian bread baked in a real brick oven.

» 525 South St, Steubenville (2 miles)
» Average Review: ★★★★★ (4.7)
» Price: $

• “The best fresh bread in the area.” – Dr. Alan Schreck

In the News: Steubenville Bakery reopens (WTOV9-TV, 2016)

Emily’s Flour Garden

FUS alumni-owned business offering custom cakes, cupcakes, and other baked goods!

» Custom orders – contact via Facebook or email


PRIME Weirton Book Company & Ice Cream Shop

A bookstore, ice cream shop, and candy store all in one!

» 2200 Pennsylvania Ave, Weirton (7 miles)
» Average Review: ★★★★★ (4.9)
» Price: $

Official Facebook

33° The Shakery

A new retro ice cream parlor and diner with 50+ milkshake options!

» 805 Franklin St, Toronto (9 miles)
» Average Review: ★★★★★ (4.9)
» Price: $

In the news: Chill with 33 Degrees the Shakery (Steubenville Herald Star, 2015)


A classic ice cream stand! Open seasonally, April-September.

» 101 Mahan Lane, Follansbee (5 miles)
» Average Review: ★★★★ (4.2)
» Price: $

Sweet Temptations Pastry Shop

Cookies, cakes, sweet breads, and more, plus deli-style sandwiches.

» 3666 Lindberg Way, Weirton (4 miles)
» Average Review: ★★★★½ (4.7)
» Price: $


Nelson’s Fine Art & Gifts

A gift shop specializing in Catholic items. They are committed to the mission of revitalizing Steubenville.

» 980 Lincoln Ave, Steubenville (3 ½ miles)
» Average Review: ★★★★★ (4.9)

• “You’ve probably bought things from them already from the bookstore – but it’s worth it to go to their showroom and browse. Wonderful family.” – Dr David Burton
• “Owned and operated by a great, pro-life Catholic family, who are putting their profits into buying property in downtown Steubenville to rejuvenate the city.” – Dr. Alan Schreck
• “If it’s Catholic, you’ll find it here.” – Ron McNamara

Drosselmeyer’s Nutcracker Shoppe

A Christmas-themed gift shop next door to Leonardo’s, open year round with seasonal items, part of the Nelson family’s efforts to open new shops downtown. Stop in anytime for some gourment popcorn!

» 155 N 4th St, Steubenville (1½ miles)

Bookmarx Bookstore

A huge selection of new & used books, plus a coffee shop, and a study room for FUS students!

» 181 N 4th St, Steubenville (1½ miles)
» Average Review: ★★★★★ (4.8)

M&M Hardware

A hometown hardware store with helpful employees.

» 4148 Sunset Blvd, Steubenville (3 ½ miles)
» Average Review: ★★★★ (4.2)

• “You’ll get much better customer service here than at the big box stores.” – Dr. Frank Hermann
• “An amazingly knowledgeable and helpful staff. They are in business to help people who really are NOT die-hard ‘DIYers’.” – Dr. David Burton
• “A staff that knows how to fix things. I highly recommend M&M!” – Prof. Ron Bolster
• “Don’t waste your time at Lowe’s…M&M will help you understand what you need to fix. It’s owned by a graduate of FUS.” – Tim Delaney

Borden Office Supply –

Office, computer, printer, & school supplies. They’re often able to deliver orders to your campus mailbox.

» 141 N 5th St, Steubenville (2 miles)

County Crafts from the Heart

Handmade gifts and décor.

» 100 Mall Drive (4 miles, inside Fort Steuben Mall)

• “Beautiful, handmade gifts. Great for housewarming gifts and quaint furnishings.” – Carrie Libetti

In the news: Business owner in Fort Steuben calls on community to stay positive, shop local (WTOV9-TV, 2017)

The Scent Shop

» 100 Mall Drive (4 miles, inside Fort Steuben Mall)

• “Very nice candles, bath products, crafts, and gifts!” – Alison Peleskey

Historic Fort Steuben Gift Shop

History-themed gifts, books, and more, focused on the history of Steubenville & the Ohio Valley.

» 120 S 3rd St, Steubenville (2 miles)

The Prodigal Daughter Treasures & Trinkets

Unique home decor, gifts, and more at a variety of prices.

» 164 N 4th St, Steubenville (2 miles)

» Facebook

Uniquely Designed Gifts & Floral (Anthony Thomas)

Chocolates, candy, flowers, and other gifts.

» 109 Hollywood Blvd, Steubenville (1 ½ miles)

• “Their dark chocolate assortment is the best in town for real chocolate fans.” Dr. David Burton
• “Incredible chocolate and a great staff.” – Dr. Safranski

Something Special By Sheila

A boutique gift shop with seasonal decor items, baby clothes and toys, lotions and cosmetics, specialty foods, and more. Great for baby and bridal gifts!

» 132 Linduff Ave, Steubenville (2 miles, near Kroger shopping center)
» Average Review: ★★★★★ (4.7)
» Website:

• “I can vouch for this one – it has boutique food and gift items, for adults and kids.  Full price things are in line with boutique prices, but they always have a good selection of clearance items, too.  Good place to get something different and/or special.” – Dr. Christina Safranski

The Dappled Willow Home & Gift

Home decor, jewelry, trinkets, mugs, and more.

» 312 S. Hollywood Blvd (2 miles, Kroger shopping center)

DiGregory’s Greenhouse

Ready-made bouquets, custom orders, and all kinds of gardening and lawnkeeping needs.

» 125 DiGregory Ave, Steubenville (1 ½ miles, Kroger shopping center)
» Average Review: ★★★★½ (4.5)

• “Run by a local Catholic family who have been supporters of FUS for years.” – Dr. Alan Schreck
• “I am a friend of the owner. I go there all the time for mulch, plants, advice, etc.” – Dr. David Burton

In the news: Love is in the air, and so are the roses are at DiGregorys Greenhouse Center (WTOV9-TV, 2017)

Exquisite Creations by Joel

Catholic-owned business – Gentlemen, skip the generic grocery store flowers and get something unique here!

» 762 Canton Road, Wintersville (8 miles)

» Average Review: ★★★★★ (5.0)

McCauslen’s Florist

A local flower delivery service, but you can go into the store to save on delivery fees!

» 173 N 4th St, Steubenville (2 mi)


Plaza Theater –

Completely renovated and opened in March 2017, this single-screen theater shows the most popular movies for just $8 per ticket!

» 412 Penco Road, Weirton (7 miles)
» Average Review: ★★★★½ (4.5)

• “Since its reopening in February, the Plaza Theater is my “go to” theater. The staff is friendly, the prices are outstanding and the atmosphere is inviting. I would choose the Plaza theater over a megaplex any day.” – DeEtta Bertucci

In the news: Weirton’s Plaza Theater to reopen (Steubenville Herald Star, 2017)


An escape game venue where you have to work together, solve puzzles, and race the clock to escape the room before time runs out. (Great group activity idea for households!)

» 3350 Pennsylvania Ave, Weirton (8½ miles)
» Website:


Legal Hair & Day Spa

» 2311 Sunset Blvd, Steubenville (2 miles)
» Average Review: ★★★★ (4.2)

• “The girls in my family love their pedicures. It’s a classy place.” – Dr. David Burton

Envy Salon

» 314 S Hollywood Blvd, Steubenville (1 ½ miles)

• “Very kind and talented people. They have been cutting my disabled daughter’s hair for years and she absolutely loves them, and they love her.” – Dr. John Coleman

Razor’s Edge Barber Shop

» 125 Canton Road, Wintersville (5 ½ miles)

• “Owned by a good, seriously-Catholic man. You can usually get an appointment for the same day, or you can sometimes just “walk-in” and not have to wait too long.” – Dr. David Burton

Rev. Mother Rose Catherine Marshall, Master Seamstress (Franciscan Arts)

Mother Rose is a certified master seamstress who runs a sewing business to produce income for the Mary, Ark of the Covenant Monastery. She does all types of sewing and alterations, including for clothing.

» 100 Belleview Blvd, Steubenville (1½ miles)

Franciscan Arts Facebook page

Two Brothers Dry Cleaners

» 606 N 4th St, Steubenville (1½ miles)

• “Owned by an FUS grad and a big proponent of Steubenville revitalization.” – Tim Delaney
“Great service. They do good work.” – Dr. Alan Schreck

Hertz/Thrifty Auto Detailing*

This is an independently owned affiliate that operates its own car cleaning & detailing service.

» 1534 Sunset Blvd, Steubenville (1½ miles)

UPS Store*

Independent affiliate owned by an FUS graduate and U.S. Navy widow. In addition to shipping, they offer copying and printing services and even buy textbooks for more than what the bookstore offers.

» 117 S Hollywood Blvd, Steubenville (1½ miles)



*Franchises of chains are included only if they are 1) owned by a local family with a single location, and 2) offer something unique in addition to what the chain offers – for example, Hertz/Thrifty offers car detailing and the UPS Store buys textbooks.